The Raymond Fenley Collection
Copper Canyon, TX - 940-241-2700 - RLF640@verizon.net

Man-powered Hay Bailer

Fenley Shop & Antique Toys

Wind-powered Ant Killer

I built this bailer in my shop from measurements and pictures that I acquired from a friend who has an original bailer. No information on age, but probably produced around turn of the century.

Antique toys from my collection in front of my shop.

Fire ant killer made in my shop.  It may not kill many ants, but its a great conversation piece.

Bigger in Texas
1950 John Deere B

Giant Tractor & Antique Toys

So why not have a big tricycle.  Was built in my shop and stands 55" at the handle bars.

John Deere with a Piper Speedigger attachment.  Post hole digger was manufactured in the late 40's.  The tractor was purchased for the sole purpose of carrying this $50 post hole digger

The little wagon on the end dates back to 1903.  Most of the other buggies & toys are from the 1940s to 1950s.

Corn Shellers

Little Red Engine
The Reading Room

Corn shellers and corn related items dating back to 1845.

Custom built hit & miss gas engine.  Probably less than 1/4 hp.  Wish I could take credit for building it, but I can't.  I purchased it at Canton First Monday Trade Days.

I built this out house from barn wood salvaged from the Bradford place that was where the Highland Ranch shopping center went in.  So we call the out house the Fenford House.  These are great to store yard & garden tools in.

John Deere
Model 31 Cotton Picker

Built in 1932.  There were only 500 of these built.  Due to the dust bowl and the depression very few of these were sold .  The remaining were sold for $15.00 each to the scrap metal drive.


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